Aker's Porsche Porsche

To know Porsche is to know a long history of German engineering automotive innovation.

To know “Porsche People” is to know an interesting array of devoted, fastidious, techie and singularly focused folks.

To know Aker’s Porsche is to be a “Porsche Person”.


Celebrating over 50 years of service and dedication – Aker’s Porsche represents the best of these very special automobiles and exceptional people that love them. Since our humble beginnings in 1965, Aker’s has grown to become one the Northwest’s premier facilities housing 21,000 sq. ft. of the very best of Porsche. From the highly collectible 356’s to the modern-day water-cooled turbos – Aker’s is proud of and grateful for 50 years of service in the care and celebration of Porsche. Our entire Aker crew – Denny, Mark, our staff and our families owe it all to you – our customers, vendors, and friends. It’s been a lifetime’s worth of hard work and hard earned Porsche knowledge, experience and respect, and we’re looking forward to a lifetime’s more.


Aker's Services


Engine service
Electrical service
Transmission service
Clutch service
Suspension service
Brake service
Engine and Transmission rebuilds
Regular maintenance
Pre-purchase inspections
Safety inspections


Aker’s Porsche
1414 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122



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